Gunbot 13 Starter Download links

You can purchase your Gunbot license at https://gunbot.shop

Here you will find download links for Gunbot Starter 13:

Download Gunbot Starter v13 Stable release for Windows

Download Gunbot Starter v13 Stable release for Linux

Download Gunbot Starter v13 Stable release for Mac



Download the update and unpack it to a new folder, copy the config.js and gunbotgui.db files from your previous v12 installation into the new folder to keep your settings.

– Empty your browser cache for your Gunbot GUI (for example with ctrl-F5).

– In case you used https for the GUI, also make sure to copy both the key and certificate files to the new folder.

– If you have pairs that are already in DU or RT, also copy the /json folder from v12 to v13.

– New strategy parameters for v13 will be automatically added through the GUI the first time you update a strategy. This happens on a per strategy basis.

– Make sure to set the new Admin ID for Telegram, for better privacy.

– When you use email alerts, make sure the syntax of your alerts is correct.

Due to new libraries used, you cannot simply overwrite the executable for this release.

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