Fix for “Signature for this request is not valid” error on Gunbot

Are you getting the following message when running Gunbot?

The message that the bot gives me is: Loading exchange – binance
Loading data ….
{Error: binance {“code”: – 1022, “msg”: “Signature for this request is not valid.”}

This is a very easy to fix error, it’s caused because you didn’t set the right secret for your api. Most of the times it’s caused by an extra / missing character, a blank space etc… Always copy and paste your api and secret and be sure you copy them properly.


Johnathan Stephens 23 May, 2019

i double and tripled checked my keys. this didnt fix the issue for me


    Aitor 29 May, 2019

    Hi Johnathan, note that most of the exchanges just show the secret the first time you create the API, so, if you don’t copy it properly the first time, you will always be putting the wrong api. That’s why it’s very important to be sure to copy correctly both api and secret the first time you create it, and avoid to copy blank spaces, missing characters etc…


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