Fix empty error on Gunbot

Is your Gunbot showing an empty error message (Binance {}, Bittrex {} etc…) when trying to trade?

This error can be caused by several things:

1- Database is getting too heavy: After some time, gunthygui.db file size gets heavy, and once the size is above 500kb, depending on your system, it could cause lag. This lag may lead to this error. The way to fix it, is just to stop the bot and remove gunthygui.db. You will need to set a password but you will see the bot running much smoother.

2- Your Internet connection can’t handle so many connections: Gunbot needs to get a lot of info from the exchange, and, in order to do that, it opens a lot of connections, especially after v10 onwards.  The lower the delay you use, the higher the load will be for your Internet connection. The more exchanges you run, the higher the load. Some ways to fix / mitigate this:

a) Maybe your Ethernet is reaching its bandwitch limit. If it happens, you Internet connection will be lagged. Note that it has nothing to do with your connection speed. You connection will be lagged, even dropped, if there are more simultaneus connections than the number of connections your Ethernet can handle, regardless of the super high download speed you could have for one, two or ten downloads. If you want to give it a try, you can check this tutorial that explains how to increase Ethernet bandwitch and performance. In some cases, it can dramatically increase the performace in those apps that require a high number of simultaneous connections, like Gunbot, Torrent etc…

b) Use a strong Internet connection. Take a look at our recommended VPS (Cloud computer): https://gunbot.shop/faq/ (Point 10 and 11). This is recommended if you want the best performance and get rid of any lag, connection saturation, drop etc… issues.

c) Raise the delay.

d) Use less instances / exchanges at the same time.

3- Maybe your firewall or antivirus are blocking the connection: Be sure to grant access in your firewall, ports 3000, 5000, 5001, 9000 and 443 should be allowed. Sometimes real time antivirus protection can cause lag and lead to empty error issue. As I said before, a VPS is a very good choice, because you can run the bot on a very strong connection and there is no need to install an antivirus.

4- Wrong values for some parameters: If you set wrong values for some parameters, the bot won’t be able to trade and it will show the empty error. What parameters I’m talking about? I’m talking about parameters related to Balance settings. For example, TRADING_LIMIT sets the amount of base coin the bot will use to trade for each secondary coin. For example, if you are trading BTC-ETH and BTC-LTC, and TRADING_LIMIT is set to 0.10, the bot will use 0.10 btc to trade with ETH and 0.10 btc to trade with LTC. If you set TRADING_LIMIT to 0.0002, you will get the empty error. Why? Because it doesn’t reach to the minimum tradeable amount on the exchange, so the bot is unable to trade. Same happens with Min_Volume_To_Buy  and Min_Volume_To_Sell. Also remember not to set TRADING_LIMIT % to 100. For some reason, it can lead to this error because of some rounding issues on v10 and v11. So, it’s better to set it to 99% in the case you want to use all your funds for each trade.

5- Use multiple base coins could cause the issue: Suppose you are trading with multiple base coins using the same strategy. For example, we are trading BTC-LTC and USDT-ETH. Ok, if TRADING_LIMIT is set to 0.01, the first pair will work fine, but the second pair won’t. Why? Because TRADING_LIMIT is stated in our base coin, and obviously 0.01 USD doesn’t reach the minimum tradeable amount. How to fix this? Mainly there are 3 options:

a) Use only 1 base coin for all your pairs.

b) Use different strategies for each base coin, so you can set especific balance related parameters for each base coin.

c) Use OVERRIDE function to set different Trading_limit, Min_Volume_To_Buy and Min_Volume_To_Sell for each pair.

6- Try using a different strategy: Sometimes your strategy may be using incompatible parameters that make the bot unable to trade. The best way to check if this is your case, is to switch to a very simple strategy, for example, Gain-Gain or default Emotionless and see if the bot starts trading again.

7- Bad syntax or unexisting pairs: Note that each exchange has different coins, and sometimes different names for the same coin. Be sure to add pairs properly, for example, “BTC_LTC”, “btc-ltc” are wrong. You should add “BTC-LTC” instead. Also be sure that the pair you added exist in your exchange and you added it properly. Gunbot pairs are added like this: BASE_COIN-SECONDARY_COIN, that is, if your base coin is Bitcoin and you want to trade against Ethereum, the way to add it to Gunbot is BTC-ETH, while on some exchange, like Binance and others, the pairs are shown like this: SECONDARY_COIN-BASE_COIN

8- If you have MULTIPLE_BASE parameter enabled when you are not trading with multiple bases: It can trigger empty error. Try disabling it.

In conclusion, most of the times the problem is solved just by setting Trading_limit, Min_Volume_To_Buy and Min_Volume_To_Sell properly, removing gunthygui.bd file or running the bot on a VPS. In the case it doesn’t, and considering the amount of things that can cause the issue, sometimes is better to do a fresh install and make it the simplest possible. Start adding 1 pair and run a simple Gain-Gain strategy. If it works, then add pairs 1 by 1, change your strategy parameter by parameter etc… until the bot starts showing empty error again, so you will know what was causing it.

If you purchased your Gunbot license on Gunbot.shop, your best bet is to contact our support team via Telegram and we will help you to fix it.

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