Info about new parameters in Gunbot v7.0.1 Final

# Configuring Gunbot **Important**: you don’t need to edit config.js manually when you are using Gunthy GUI All Gunbot settings are done in a single file named “config.js”. This is where you set up your exchange API keys, add pairs and define your strategies. When the config file is overwritten while Gunbot is running, the changed settings will be loaded automatically. Below you’ll find detailed explanations of all the options […]


Waiting to trade… Safety switch is on – What does it mean?

A lot of people don’t understand why their Gunbot shows a message “Waiting to trade… Safety switch is on” from time to time. First of all, it’s not an error. Then what does it mean? Ok, let’s start talking about TRADES_TIMEOUT parameter. After Gunbot buys a coin, the exchange takes some time to update the trading history. Here is where TRADES_TIMEOUT comes into scene, we need to wait some time […]


How to know if my Api Key is broken

Sometimes Api keys can stop working and we need to create a new one, but in what situations an Api key can get broken? Mainly there are 4 causes: 1- You did too many request / second and the exchange removed your api key. 2- You disabled 2FA at Bittrex and when you do it, all api keys are removed. 3- You connected to the api key from 2 different […]


Run multiple instances of Gunbot and change ports

UPDATED 17-5-2020 With latest Gunbot versions is no longer required to start separate instances in order to run multiple instances, as you can just add different instances from the GUI. In the case you want to run multiple instances for some reason, you have to change ports on both “ws” and “GUI” sections of your config file (each instance would have different ports):   OLD METHOD (RUN MULTIPLE GUNBOT INSTANTES […]


Video Gunbot XT (v6.0.1) Presentation and Installation tutorial

We introduce the newest and most powerful Gunbot version: Gunbot XT v6.0.1. As you can see, the installation is super easy. Enjoy! Download Links (Updated to v8.0.3 Final) – Download Gunbot XT v8.0.3 Final for Windows – Download Gunbot XT v8.0.3 Final for Linux – Download Gunbot XT v8.0.3 Final for Mac – Download Gunbot XT v8.0.3 Final for ARM Link to access GUI (after executing gunthy-gui.exe):


Newest release: Gunbot XT presentation and basic tutorial

In this video we introduce the latest Gunbot version: Gunbot XT, a new and improved version with a lot of fixes and new features. Finally Gunbot has a very user friendly GUI, enjoy! – Link to access GUI (Note that you need to execute gunthy-gui.exe first): – Gunbot XT download: Check downloads section to get latest versions: https://gunbot.shop/category/downloads/


Gunbot v5.0.5.5 Manual

GUNBOT INSTALLATION Download the Gunbot v5.0.5.5 from here. Unpack the release .zip file. 2a.  When you’re not planning to use the WebGUI, prepare the config.js file with your bot settings, exchange api keys, strategies and pairs (detailed info below). 2b.  When you’re planning to use the WebGUI, proceed reading here below. Start the Gunbot executable. Windows: double click gunthy.exe Linux/ARM/Mac: make sure Gunbot is executable, run chmod +x gunthy-linx64 start […]