How to override Bought_Price on Gunbot

Sometimes we want to force Gunbot to detect a bought_price. We can do it directly editing config.js and adding this line: “BTC-LTC”: { “strategy”: “stepgain”, “override”: { “BOUGHT_PRICE”: 0.014 } }, Of course, 0.014 has to be replaced by the price you want. Anyway, it’s easier and recommended to handle this from GUI as you […]


Gunbot selling at loss. Why?

From time to time I hear things like “My Gunbot is selling at loss. I don’t understand it” or “Selling price is lower than bought price. Something is wrong with my Gunbot”. Let’s see why this could happen: 1- If you activate Double_up (DU), Gunbot will promediate, that is, if the price of a coin […]


Password not working on Gunbot – How to fix

Mainly there are 2 possible problems related with password on Gunbot. Let’s see: 1- You can’t set the password: Fix: The first time we access to the GUI, Gunbot asks us to choose a password. After setting the password, we will always need to put that password in order to access to GUI. Ok, but […]


How to fix “RSI undefined” error on Gunbot

How to fix “RSI undefined” error when running Gunbot? Usually this error is caused by a very low Bot_delay. Follow these steps in order to fix this error: 1- Stop the bot. 2- Raise bot delay by 2 seconds and save changes. 3- Start the bot and check if the error is fixed. If not, […]


Time Sync Tool for Gunbot

One of the most common errors when running Gunbot on Binance is “Unable to connect to exchange“. As we saw in previous articles, most of the times, that error is fixed¬†syncing the time. The problem is that some computers lose the sync after some days, and Binance needs a perfect sync. No worries, we have […]


Why is Gunbot.shop the best place to buy a Gunbot license?

Looking for buying a Gunbot license? Ok, look no further, https://gunbot.shop is your best and in the following lines we will explain why. 1- Transparency: Gunbot.shop is a trusted and official Gunbot licenses and support provider. Other websites claim to be “verified gunbot shop” or “official resellers” and at the same time they hide their […]


Gunbot RT Edition v9.5.1 Stable changelog and Download links

Gunbot RT Edition v9.5.1 Stable Changelog – Logs for TrailMe! so we can keep debugging – Fix a minus sign in telegram alerts – Fix buy_enable/sell_enable ignored – Fix TV Binance sells – Fix Funds Reserve not reserving funds – Fix pair suggestions – Implement TV_TRADING_LIMIT_ALLIN true/false If you set TV_TRADING_LIMIT_ALLIN true in bot section, […]