Basic pair selection for trading with Gunbot

First of all, if you were expecting an advanced tutorial on how to choose pair, you won’t find it here. On the contrary, we will explain some basic tips on how to choose pairs on an easy way.  Coin selection is one of the most important task we need to do for our bot trading. In fact, the results could be absolutely different even using the same strategy, if we are using different pairs. Ok, let’s start:

– The most important thing is the volume. We need to choose pairs with good volume, at least 250 / day.

– The best working pairs are those whose graph are swingy and uptrend at the same time.

Avoid coins whose value is close to its maximum historic value, unless we have news / info that it will continue going up

Avoid like a plague coins whose value had a huge raise recently. Usually there is a huge correction after a huge raise. And I have seen a lot of people adding these kind of coins because “they are going up”. Stay away from those coins.

Here is an example of the graphs you need to avoid: Graph 1 / Graph 2



Lucas Gomes 3 February, 2018

Thank you!

I am waiting an advanced tutorial now =]


karenmkrohn 8 February, 2018

“We need to choose pairs with good volume, at least 250 / day.” Please clarify by specifying units per day. Thanks.


    Aitor 9 February, 2018

    Bitcoins of daily trading volume.


law.h 17 February, 2018

Hello Guys, On average if you choose good trading pairs what would be a conservative Profit estimate each month?


    Aitor 17 February, 2018

    The results depends on many factors, the settings you use, the pairs, market conditions, how you handle the bags etc…


      law.h 17 February, 2018

      I mean if you configure well with the help of support what can you expect to earn a month? I was thinking 10%?


        Aitor 18 February, 2018

        The results highly depends on the market conditions. The bot buys low and sells high, so when there is a bull market, it’s easy to get very good profits with a decent config and a decent pair selection. On the other hand, if there is a bear market caused by an incoming bitcoin fork, it’s even better to just sell all the altcoins for bitcoins and wait until the fork has passed. In this cases all the alts are going down, so it has no sense to buy them, no matter if you do it with the bot or manually. In conclusion, with optimal conditions I have seen up to 50% in just one week and on bad conditions is better just to stop trading to avoid loses.


          law.h 18 February, 2018

          ok, that sounds good. I am just getting things set up. thanks..!

Vivian laforce 5 March, 2018

Thank you for all this news. They will help me when choosing my next ecrypto-international investment plan.


Luis Fellipe 5 March, 2018

Hello Aitor,

The next version will be able to choose pairs with good volume automatically ?
Do u have the date approximately it will be launched ?

Thank you!


    Aitor 6 March, 2018

    Hi Luis Fellipe, most likely that feature won’t be included on v9. This new version is about to be released. In fact we already have a very good working beta with a lot of improvements. We are still working on a new amazing feature: Reversal Trading, and we what to be sure this feature works 100% fine on the final v9 version. Automatic pair selection feature is also something we have been working on but most likely if will be included on the next release.


Milad Farrahi 7 January, 2020

I have three account in three Exchange

added some pairs to all
after starting bot
show the three Exchange are loaded
and start to show “all good….” for each one
for bitmex show nothing
why ?

my pairs : BTC-ETH BTC-LTC
in Bitmex i use XBT but it shows nothing again


Aitor 7 January, 2020

Hi Milad. Bitmex doesn’t allow to trade BTC-ETH . What you can trade on Bitmex is XBT-USD or ETH-USD


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