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      Gunbot v23.3.5_beta

      – By users demand: set back buy/sell on charts context menu.

      – Fix an issue with breakeven in sg family.


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        Gunbot v23.3.6_beta

        – attempt to catch sg selling whole base below an apparently wrong breakeven.


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          Gunbot v23.3.7_beta

          – Fix pairs cycling.

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            Gunbot v23.3.8_beta

            – Porting a faster GUI from bitRage in preparation of full websockets.

            – stepGridHedge: fix trend based tl multiplier for shorts, when TRADING_LIMIT_SHORT was undefined. Make max buy count and max unhedged easier to work with by disregarding tl multiplier in position size estimation.

            – stepGridHedge: slightly change USE_TREND tl multiplier behavior, only allowing it to apply when trend is confirmed AND the trend confirmed position is smaller than the position on the other side.


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              Gunbot v23.4.0_beta

              – Fix broken candles.


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                Gunbot v23.4.1_beta

                – Push back right click context menu for buy/sell and save strategy.

                – Possible fix to charts target lines disappearing when you switch from a pair to the first pair of the list.


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                  Gunbot v23.4.2_beta

                  – Possible fix for all kraken pairs being added every 20 minutes to their listing.


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                    Gunbot v23.4.3_beta

                    – Fix DOGE at kraken.

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                      Gunbot v23.4.4_beta

                      – fix NEAR and ICP pairs cycling at okex

                      – fix trade arrows not showing in charts.

                      – fix pairs cycling stop after some cycles at okex.

                      – fix the some assets at bybit

                      – fix kraken XDG/DOGE issues.

                      – fix MEXC pairs cycling after latest api update.

                      – fix saving password going to black GUI.

                      – fix telegram errors causing bot restarts.

                      – fix GUI going black over a pnl sum.

                      – porting several fixes to ccxt exchanges f

                      New way of handling pair and strategy settings

                      The old ‘pairs’, ‘strategies’ and ‘easy edit’ pages are replaced by a single new page: ‘trading settings’.

                      The new editor no longer separates ‘overrides’ from ‘strategies’, every setting you make is pair specific by default.
                      If you like the settings, you can choose to apply them on multiple pairs at once or save as preset to use in the future.

                      I would recommend starting to use this with a clean installation: no active pairs and no saved strategies. (just a recommendation, nothing should break with existing configs)

                      The reason for this is that there is no longer a need to have all the preset strategies (like gain, or emotionless) in config.js. All the presets are a native part of the GUI now.
                      If you want to keep using your old strategies, make sure to rename them to something that is not treated as a ‘reserved strategy name’


                      Reserved strategy names:
                      – stepgrid
                      – spotgrid
                      – spotgridadvanced
                      – stepgridhybrid
                      – builder
                      – custom
                      – futuresgrid
                      – tenkan
                      – builder (futures)
                      – market_maker
                      – market_maker (futures)
                      – stepgridhedge


                      Exchanges with tickers support:
                      – binance
                      – binanceus
                      – ftx
                      – mex_gunthy
                      – okex5
                      – hitbtc
                      – kucoin
                      – bittrex
                      – kraken
                      – bitfinex
                      – cex
                      – bitfinex
                      – poloniex
                      – bittrex
                      – huobi


                      For the exchanges above, you can select pairs from a list. Some exchanges that should easily allow ticker style pair selection, require manual adding at the moment. This will get added soon, no need to report.
                      Other exchanges require entering pair names manually.

                      New settings page

                      The old ‘profile’ and ‘global settings’ pages are replaced by a single new page: ‘setup’.
                      Currently it is only possible to add api keys from partner exchanges and other certified exchanges. Support for more exotic exchanges will come, there is no need to report this.

                      The edit licence option has moved to its own page. Keys that are already registered get prefilled when adding exchange credentials on the setup page.

                      – Breaking change for custom strategies: strategy files must be saved in ./customStrategies folder from now on. Assign them like this: “STRAT_FILENAME”: “pro_strat.js”,

                      – Port PCT_STEP_SIZE from stepgridhybrid to stepgridhedge


                      Recap of available step options:

                      When AUTO_STEP_SIZE is enabled, steps are ATR based.
                      When AUTO_STEP_SIZE is disabled, STEP_SIZE defines the step size.
                      When PCT_STEP_SIZE is disabled, STEP_SIZE is set as an absolute price difference.
                      When PCT_STEP_SIZE is enabled, the value in STEP_SIZE represents a percentage. Setting 2 will lead to having steps of 2% of current price.






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                        Gunbot v23.4.5_beta

                        – toLowerCase() all checks for buy and sell methods in the gui

                        – Enforce lower case strategy names in AutoConfig (no job changes needed, it should just treat or output strategy names as lower case now)


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                          Gunbot v23.4.7_beta

                          – fix orders arrows not updating on zoom

                          – Don’t render main notification bar on mobile devices

                          – Ensure navbar popover is visible and clickable on mobile devices

                          – Take off strategy selection in overview sidebar, until new strategy editor gets ported to sidebar.

                          – attempt to force and binance jersey to send latest trading history.

                          – AutoConfig: fix issue that could prevent a job from writing its output.

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                            Gunbot v23.4.9_beta

                            – Fix kraken tickers and pairs fetching for GUI and AC.

                            – Fix KEEP_QUOTE for partial sells with stepgridhybrid.



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                              Gunbot v23.5.0_beta

                              Trading settings: rename kraken doge symbol to xdg when requesting tradingview chart widget

                              – Trading settings: connect the following exchanges to ticker-style pair picker: binanceFutures, futures_gunthy, okex futures & swap, ftx futures

                              – Trading settings: add option to copy settings from other pair

                              – Trading settings: fix issue that didn’t render customized settings chips until a strategy setting got changed in the same browser session.

                              – Dashboard: connect stepgridhybrid howmanytl to du count stat in overview table

                              – Trading settings; add option to copy an individual strategy setting/value to other pair(s)

                              – Trading settings: add option to copy pair settings to all other pairs with same market type, without selecting all pairs individually

                              – Trading settings: improve matrix with available period settings per exchange

                              – Fix broken redirect to /setup after setting password on /register

                              – Fix problem on setup page that kept apply button inactive after using a toggle button.

                              – Improve saving api credentials on /setup. If key is different from master key it no longer gets changed in config.js.

                              – Trading settings: fix problem that loaded mm spot editor instead of mm futures.

                              – Trading settings: Add missing count sell setting for tssl and stepgain spot strategies

                              – Improve conditions for stepgridhybrid TA mode

                              – AutoConfig: take off kraken symbol renaming from DOGE to XDG

                              Beware: DOGE at kraken is now to be used as DOGE and not as XDG (in both config and autoconfig)

                              – fix GUI defaulting to bitRage page for bitRage accounts, even if they were not using bitRage.

                              – Trading settings: fix missing/broken settings options for futuresgrid.


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                                Gunbot v23.5.1_beta

                                – Custom strategies: await async user code before writing data to custom strat store.

                                – AutoConfig: fix problem with missing 24h volatility data on several exchange.

                                – stepgridhybrid: fix seldom condition that could prevent placing an initial reference price for steps up an down.

                                – stepgridhybrid: improve partial sell volume calculation, by better inspecting how much of the order history is relevant for the current trade.

                                – AutoConfig: fix several filter types that were broken for manageOverrides2 job type.

                                – Trend module: fetch 1h and 4h candles only once per interval, update data for open candle with available 15m candle data.

                                – Fix crash in gui license check on first run, improve saving open status of market and overview sidebar.

                                – Disable fetching pairs on old /pairs page, so it can always be used as fallback in case exchange api changes too much. Several small improvements to handling exchange credentials input.

                                – Use full display width for new gui views.

                                – Improve styling of exchange selection on setup page.

                                – Several improvements to setup page.

                                – Add dismiss option to gui trade notifications.

                                – small improvements to trading settings: add active pair count to table header, use a bit more width on highres displays.

                                – make dismissable alert to actually dismiss until announcement channel is new and unread.

                                – Fix unwanted redirect to /bitrage.

                                – Add /chart to navbar. Get rid of close icon button on other views.

                                – Add Huobi to Gunbot One exchanges.

                                – Ensure navigation dropdown closes on mobile devices, after opening it and clicking a link not in the dropdown.

                                – Fix several code suggestions for autoconfig job templates in code editor.

                                – Fix several issues with entering and validating exchange credentials on setup page.



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                                  Gunbot v23.5.2_beta

                                  – fix gui pnl chart for total assets.

                                  – Trading settings: fix adding pairs on mobile devices.

                                  – Always allow exporting config on /setup page.

                                  – Fix problem in gui license level check.

                                  – Trading settings: improve behavior of ‘update pair settings button’.

                                  – Fix type in tooltip for partial sell ratio.

                                  – Trading settings: render warnings on first load, instead of waiting for a changed setting to happen.

                                  – Trading settings: default itb (and similar settings) to 0 when value gets completely removed.


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