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      Gunbot v22.1.5 HFT (with REST api option)

      – Send updates to autoconfig consistently.

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        Gunbot v22.0.2.1 Stable patch preview (not websockets)

        – This build includes all newly added kraken pairs

        – This build includes all HFT builds commits.

        – Migrating beaxy api to tradewithbeaxy endpoint

        – Tests with okex5.


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          Gunbot v22.0.2.2 Stable patch preview (not websockets)

          Added a little patch to correct:

          – CEX candles.


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            Gunbot v22.0.2.3 Stable patch preview (not websockets)

            – Fix kucoin api

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              Gunbot v22.0.2.4 – Stable preview

              – Fix an issue that would not show grid for new pairs in MM bots.

              – Add postOnly orders for all limit orders at FTX.

              – More love to telegram bot pnl.

              – Fix telegram bot link to tv charts for gdax.

              – Implement GUI code editor: a sorcery he made to make you able to read or edit config, autoconfig, json files, custom strat files directly from the GUI with an interface similar to VS code.

              – SGA: fix case with lower than expected order quantity for ct buy.

              – Fix incorrect form background width on pairs and strategy page.

              – Fix issue that could crash the pairs page when removing a pair.

              – Improve sga “buy count” logic. Fixes a case where sometimes buy count was below actual buy count.

              – Compact form elements on pair page a bit.

              – Possible fix for duplicated open order lines behavior.

              – Fix MAX_OPEN_CONTRACTS tooltip.

              – Possibly fix ROE not resetting in GUI after futuresGrid closes a position.

              – FuturesGrid: possibly fix order amounts on bitmex.

              – Give each kind of chart line a unique label to prevent collision.


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                Gunbot v22.0.2.5 – Stable preview

                – FuturesGrid: fix wrong variable reference.

                – Possibly fix missing items in gui for: margin ratio, unrealized pnl and maintenance margin for ftx futures pairs.

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                  Gunbot v22.0.2.6 – Release Candidate

                  – fix and old standing bug that would flip position with repeated attempts of close at ROE.

                  – Remove unused reference to custom chart css overrides

                  – Fix automatic loading of ichimoku indicator when MM_TENKAN is used.

                  – Fix several stats for ftx futures in gui.

                  – Add extra info to tooltip for STOP_AFTER_SELL.

                  – Fix leverage being displayed as negative number.

                  – Code editor: fix partial save issue that affected editing config.js only.

                  – Fix all known issues with chart line placement/removal.

                  – Fix not updating quantity labels in chart lines.

                  Please do not use this build with bitRage

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                    Gunbot v22.0.2.7 – Release Candidate

                    – Fix issue that led to one chart line ‘taking over’ a line of a different type.

                    – Improve sga buy count logic.


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                      Gunbot v22.0.2.8 – Release Candidate

                      – Some more love to pnl calculation.

                      – Add subaccount field for ftx to gui profile page.

                      – Rearrange chart line label positions for better chart readability.

                      – Fix recent orders not updating automatically in overview sidebar.

                      – Fix mobile save button not appearing.

                      – Show potential moto entry prices on chart.

                      – Improve dashboard resource usage.

                      – Reduce gui bundle size.

                      – Fix exporting chart entities to alert module.

                      – Add gunthy coin logo.

                      – Fix sending a cookie that generates a “same site” warning in browser.

                      – Refactor PNL page to only use charts from a single external module to reduce bundle size. Also fixes long standing bug regarding upside down chart labels for some stats.

                      – Remove last reference to now unused chartjs module.

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