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      Hi everyone,

      I felt that running after a few days, I should post an update here.


      Exchange: BinanceUS

      TL: 50

      I also deployed more capital into this and rasied the TL from 28 to 50 about two or three days ago so I think results would’ve been different if I had stuck with 50 at the beginning. My best pairs are USD-SOL and USD-UNI.

      This is my USD-ETH pair which wasn’t doing so well during the downtrend / dips (-10% now). I assume this is normal so I’ll leave it alone but hope it could DCA more. In the future, I might deploy more capital depending on how well this does in the next month or two and add a few more pairs on a different instance to utilize the extra vCPU cores on my VPS.

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        What I see it’s normal. I mean, ETH have had a very big drop recently (more than 25%). It’s normal to keep doing DCA and lowering average bought price with Continuous Trading sells. Sometimes, after a big drop, the bot needs time to do its things and lower ABP to a point in which we can exit with profit.

        You can add more pairs without increasing VPS hardware, as far as you keep processing cycles with the same delay.

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          Weekly Update:

          Here is my weekly update. Increased TL to 100 and added USD-SUSHI. It’s been exiting cycles pretty well. Hope to be able to use v4 soon.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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