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    Paul Halliday

      With the price of VPS going up I’ve been wondering if anyone uses a Raspberry Pi 4 as a standalone Gunbot platform.  Annual running costs seem modest in comparison & the initial hardware investment is modest . Anyone using one have any insights?


        Hi Paul, we have several customers running Gunbot on Raspberry, and it runs fine, so it’s always an option to take into account. However there are some other advantages of running the bot on a VPS instead of on a Raspberry. For example:

        1- You save in electricity bill (not a big deal but you don’t need to keep the raspberry running 24/7).

        2- VPS connection is always faster and more stable than any domestic internet connection.

        3- The amount of users running the bot on a Raspberry is very low, and this means:

        a) It’s the less tested version.

        b) Lower priority to release ARM versions. It’s always the last one, and in some cases it doesn’t even have version (for example it happened with v24.3.2 Stable) and this forced Raspberry users to run older versions.

        Anyway, it’s perfectly possible to run the bot on a Raspberry. In the case you prefer to benefit of the advantages of running it on a VPS, there are good, fast and stable ones for a few bucks / month. I recommend you to take a look at the points 10 and 11 of this link:


        Gunbot Shop - https://gunbot.shop

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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