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      Hi all. My name is Aitor and I’m an Official Gunbot Reseller and I think I’m your best bet if you plan to start getting earnings from Gunbot for he following reasons:

      1- I’m computer engineer and I have experience providing technical support. I can fix any technical issue.

      2- I have experience generating income on the Internet, it’s my job since many years, and I got profits from some other bots before(poker bots, online games bots etc), so I know what I’m doing.

      3- I offer good support. Most of the resellers sell the bot and get rid of the customer quickly or just do a quick installation and run. It’s not my case.


      Personalized support during installation and configuration of the bot. If necessary, I can configure the bot from scratch via Team Viewer.

      Detailed explanations on how the bot works. Explanations of every single parameter of the bot..

      – Access to my Telegram Premium support group.

      – You will get information  that will allow you to get the maximum profit possible from the bot, tips, tricks and more.

      – Actually I have a promotion and I’m offering free Premium support to those who contact me directly by any of the following channels:

      Telegram: @AitorRuiz / https://t.me/AitorRuiz

      Whatsapp: 0034615780436

      – I’m also offering free Premium support to those who purchase the bot directly from https://gunbot.shop using the coupon code: “PREMIUM”.

      If you have any doubt or question, you can contact me using any of the channels I put above.

      Kind regards

      Gunbot Shop - https://gunbot.shop


        100% recommended. Definitely very good support. My bot is running nicely now!


          Hi Enrique, thank you very much for your nice feedback :thumbup:

          Gunbot Shop - https://gunbot.shop


            Hi! I want to use the PREMIUM coupon but is not working. How can I use it here?



            Could you help me for use it? Thank you.


              Hi Yitek, that coupon is meant to be used on Gunbot licenses, that is Standard, Pro or Ultimate, these ones:




              After applying the coupon, you will see the price doesn’t change, but the coupon itself gives Premium support for free (no need to add Premium support item, just apply the coupon on one of the above items).

              Hope this helps.


              Gunbot Shop - https://gunbot.shop


                Just wanted to thank you Javier and Aitor for the great support I got. Way above my expectations. Javier was always available for answering my questions and to schedule a Teamviewer meeting whenever I wanted. Thank you very much for your patience. Highly recommended.



                  Like most people, that first step into the world of cryptotrading can be a daunting one. I have tried several bots with mixed results before finding Gunbot, which is truly a game-changer.

                  What is easily overlooked however is the support a reseller offers. I can not stress enough how important it is to have a reseller in your corner like Aitor and Javier of Gunbot.shop. They will help you every step of the way, providing essential experience and support, to aid you on your journey. They are the friends that will remain at your side at the party.

                  I am several months in to trading and I admit, it is a steep learning curve, but Aitor and Javier have been there to save my behind and I’m making a profit. Questions are always answered quickly and even assisted me initially with setup via TeamViewer.

                  Do yourself a favour and make Gunbot.shop your new “go-to place” for all Gunbot related products and info.

                  Thank you gents!

                  Happy trading!


                    Thank you Michael for your nice feedback. I really appreciate it.

                    Gunbot Shop - https://gunbot.shop


                      Very happy to be part of the Gunbot family.

                      Thank you very much Aitor and Javier.


                        I have been running the bot for 2 weeks and so far so good. The bot is getting steady profits. Nice support, great software.

                        Highly recommended.


                          After trying 4 different bots, I found Gunbot is the one I was looking for. I started running Gunbot 1 month ago and I’m enjoying this solid software and friendly community.


                            Aitor I watched your video about SG Mutation strategy and I am very interested on trying it.

                            How can I purchase it?


                              Aitor I watched your video about SG Mutation strategy and I am very interested on trying it. How can I purchase it?

                              For limited time, until spots are filled, it’s possible to get it using the coupon code: VIP-ACCESS to buy this product and including SG Mutation strategy:


                              Apart from including SG Mutation, the coupon code gives extra 20% discount.

                              Gunbot Shop - https://gunbot.shop


                                My friend and me wanted to try a bot for automating trading and getting profit.

                                We had a lot of doubts about what bot to choose and now I’m glad to say that we are super happy Gunbot, its trading strategies and the awesome support provided.

                                Best trading bot ever!!


                                  I totally agree with you . I am also  Very happy to be part of the Gunbot family.

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