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      Starting by June 2023, we are going to offer the following customized services (get a free quote):

      1- Custom Gunbot licenses: We will customize your Gunbot license to your likings. For example, suppose you want to run the bot on more than one Binance account. We can customize your license so you can add 2, 3, 4 or whatever number of apis you need for different Binance accounts. Other example: Suppose you want to use Webhooks, but you don’t have an Ultimate license. Ok, we can add a module to your Standard license so it can use Webhooks.

      2- Custom Strategies coding: We have noticed that there are people out there who have amazing trading skills, but they don’t know how to code a trading strategy. No worries, we are here to make your life easier. Contact us and tell us what would you like to code, and once our team knows exactly how do you want the strategy to behave, we will make the code for you.

      3- Custom Support and Training: Do you want to learn some specific things? We will teach you what you want to know. Do you want custom support for configuring, setup, monitoring, installing or anything specific you want? Look no further. This service is for you.

      4- Custom Monitoring & Performance audit: Most of times included in the Custom Support feature. We want to offer a Performance Audit program on your Gunbot. If requested, our team will keep monitoring overtime your Gunbot instance, being sure your Gunbot is always performing the way we expect it, in terms of resources, software installation and configuration runtime.

      If you are looking to purchase any of these customized services for Gunbot, you can send me a PM in this forum, or contact me or Javier via Telegram. Tell us want you want, and we will give you a free quote.

      Our telegram users:

      Aitor: @AitorRuiz

      Javier: @JavierAlv

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