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      Ok, guys, lets explain what this forum section is meant to be. First of all, do not take like financial advise any comment, post, idea or info shared by any member or this forum regardless if he is an admin or not. This said, the main purpose is to share info, opinions and results about different Gunbot trading strategies / settings.

      Please read this rules carefully before posting any info or results about any Gunbot Settings.

      – General forum rules are applied to this forum section.

      – When sharing any info, specially when sharing results, it’s important to post the settings (in the case they are free and not paid ones), so everyone can see what strategy we are talking about.

      – In the case you made any modification, it’s important to state the changes you made, as a modified strategy could have a very different behavior and it’s always very important to know what exact settings are we talking about.

      – If you are going to share info, please do not change / modify settings anytime. For some reason some people like to keep changing the settings constantly. In those cases it’s impossible to get any conclussion.

      – Post as much info as possible: are you running the bot on a computer or on a VPS? On what exchange are you running the bot on? How is your connection (fast, slow, stable…), OS, hardware, bot version, value of delay parameter, how many pairs are you running?, which pairs, starting day, last day it run…

      – This is supposed to be an automation software, so do not post here if you are making trades manually as the point of all this is to share info about something that other botters can reproduce.

      Minimal human intervention / help is allowed. Example: I noticed ETH price increased 3x and I decided to remove it before correction happens.

      – Do not hide negative PNL when trading on Futures. I don’t need to explain why, do I?

      – Create separate post for different persons even if they share info about the same strategy.

      – Do not post results if you are selling that settings. In the case you are seller and what to promote in the forum, send me a PM and we will talk.

      – We reserve the right to remove or edit any comment or post if we feel it could contain fake info, autopromotion or we think it could be a risk for the community or any member of it.

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