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    Paul Halliday

      I am running a Gain Gain strategy on XMR-USDT. I have my DCA switched on with a DCA cap of  1 and no of DCA buydowns to 4 at a 2.5% deviation. each.

      I was expecting this to buy acccording to Initial: 100 DCA1: 100, DCA 2: 200 DCA 3: 400 DCA: 3: 800 with each order buying the same units as held. However somewhat alarmingly this is what it bought (on Kucoin)

      Order 1: 2.11 units , total cost 288

      Order 2: 8.91 units, total cost 1,487

      Order 3: 36.79 units, total cost 5.762

      By which time I am out of funds for additional DCA .  This is obvously not how DCA shouild work . Any ideas why this is happening



        I would need to check the settings and logs to fully understand what happened. Note that DOUBLE_UP_CAP is applied to DU buys (not other ones), and it’s the amount of quote units already owned. This fact is important to be taken into account, as starting quote amount and first buy are relevent factors here.

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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