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      Hi guys, some of you asked us about “Gunbot school” lately and I felt the need to clear some things up. It’s important to note that Gunbot is sold by different resellers / providers, and every single one of them have to provide support to their customers. Some resellers are too small and they are not able to keep their own support team, so they have no choice but to delegate support to a third party, and here is where Gunbot school comes. Other resellers decided to delegate support for different reasons. Some of them are too new to Gunbot and don’t have the required knowledge , and others just want to get rid of support related tasks.

      The reason why I’m writing this post is that I have seen some people spamming out there things like “everyone has to be in GS“, “there is something wrong if you are not in GS“. The truth is that GS is just another support given by resellers. If you purchased your license from a reseller who has delegated his support to GS, you should get the support from GS, but there are other providers, like https://gunbot.shop that give their own support. Regardless it’s called “Gunbot school”, “Gunbot university”, “Premium Support” or whatever, it’s just support.

      The main reasons why Gunbot.shop keeps giving its own support are:

      1- Gunbot.shop is the biggest Gunbot community, and we have the knowledge and the resources to provide support to our customers.

      2- I don’t mean to sound smug, but I’m making a life from Internet since 20 years and I have been using different types of bots successfully for more than 10 years. I even coded my own poker bot which has proved to be profitable for literally millions of hands on different poker games like Limit Poker 6 max tables, Limit Poker 9 max tables, No Limit Cash games for 6,9 and 10 players, Sit & Go, Tournaments… We have been running Gunbot since more than 4 years, almost since it was born.  Would our support be better if we externalize it to other reseller? (Rhetorical question).

      3- Automation and bots is what we do, and what we love to do.

      I’m going to tell you a story, a real story. In 2017 I decided to convert my cryptocurrencies to cash. So I contacted with several assessors and they had no clue about what Bitcoin was. Finally I got in touch with a “cryptocurrency expert”. This guy was laywer, economist and “crypto expert” and he was / is famous. I mean, he appears in every single (Spanish) new talking about crypto regulations. Why does he appears? Easy, because he is “the expert” and any media wants to bring the experts to give their opinion.

      The thing is that I noticed that when I asked him about some especific things he didn’t answer directly, or he just said something like “You can choose option A, option B, option C“. You know what? I just wanted him to tell me how the… I could convert my btc into cash in a safe way, not to roll the dices.

      Obviously it ended bringing me issues. My bank account was frozen and I couldn’t convert my Bitcoins while they were worth 20k$ in December 2017. Then I had to face a bureacratic nightmare that lasted like 4 months. When the hell ended, Bitcoin price was 6k$, and the fun thing is that I had to pay taxes for the starting value. That is, “you get 1 Bitcoin and it’s price is 20k$, I don’t allow you to convert it to cash, and now Bitcoin price is 6k$, ohh so sad, now pay me taxes for 20k$“. As you can imagine, this “situation” costed me a lot of money, and when I say a lot, I don’t mean 1k$, 5k$ or 10k$, I mean A LOT.

      One day I was having lunch with a friend and he asked me: “How did your Bitcoin to cash conversion go?” and I asked him: “It was a nightmare. I wish I could have traveled to the past and give me some tips on how to do it“. At this moment I realized 2 things:

      1- I have learned on the hard way. Too much trial and error. And each error costs time and money. At this moment I’m much better assessor for someone who wants to turn his BTC into cash than “the expert”.  In fact, when you know how to do it, it’s easy and it’s fast. This guy charged me 180 € for 1 hour, and flooded me with a lot of useless info.

      2- It doesn’t matter how many tittles “the expert” had. It doesn’t matter if he is lawyer. It doesn’t matter if he is economist. It doesn’t matter how much theory does he memorize. He never changed a single Bitcoin in his whole life!!!

      This story is 100% real. And now is when I give you my humble opinion: Gunbot.shop, the biggest Gunbot community and Master Dealer, is the best support you can get.

      This said, we don’t need to trashtalk about others, we don’t need to spread horror stories, and that’s why I haven’t said a single bad word about GS or any other support service. In fact I can say I know some of the teachers of GS and I’m sure GS is cool and they do a good job.

      What I wanted is to put in value what Gunbot.shop does and to make it crystal clear with this post that there isn’t a single unique option to get support from. Obviously it depends on what website do you purchase your Gunbot license. To have diversity is a good thing, and to have different approaches is a good thing. Peace, respect and love for all!!!

      Gunbot Shop - https://gunbot.shop

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