BitRage Arbitrage bot
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Bitrage bot – Automated Arbitrage trading

Note: Bitrage is not available for direct sell at this moment. If you are interested on getting more info and get access to it, you can send us an email to [email protected] or contact via Telegram with @AitorRuiz

Since BitRage v1.0 beta has been released, we are constantly releasing new improved beta versions every few days. Bitrage license owners are able to use latest beta versions until final version is released. Also note that you need a Gunbot license in order to be able to run BitRage.

BitRage is the only arbitrage bot for crypto markets. It doesn’t matter if there is a bull market or a bear market, BitRage just searchs for profitable operations and execute them getting advantage from the different price ratio between several altcoins in the same exchange (also called triangular arbitrage), and it also takes advantage of the price difference between a cryptocurrency on different exchanges.

Direct arbitrage between different exchanges is being worked on and it will be implemented in future Bitrage versions. Of course, this feature is free for all the Bitrage license owners.

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BitRage Arbitrage bot

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  • One time payment
  • Lifetime license
  • The only arbitrage bot for crypto trading
  • Runs on autopilot regardless there is a bull or a bear market
  • Very limited licenses
  • Support via Telegram group and Premium support
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