Diamond Pack
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Diamond pack includes:

Gunbot Pro license: It’s an automated crypto trading bot which is able to execute many different professional trading strategies and execute trades 100% on autopilot. Gunbot also allows you to easily create customized trading strategies. Gunbot Pro Edition includes is allow to trade on 3 exchanges at the same time. The supported exchanges are Binance, Bitmex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kucoin, Bitfinex, Kraken, Cex.io, Gate.io, Poloniex, Huobi and many more (100+).

Premium support: Premium support includes personalized support and detailed explanations on how the bot works via Whatsapp, Telegram, email or Skype for up to 3 hours. If needed, we will install and configure your bot from scratch via TeamViewer. Also you will have access to a Premium support Telegram group and to our Vip Zone where you will find settings for Gunbot shared by our community, tutorials, tips and much more.

Gunbot Settings Pack: Gunbot Settings Pack from Gunbot.shop includes 2 proven strategies made by us. These strategies got the best results during our tests after testing a lot of different strategies. Each strategy has 3 different versions: Original, aggressive, and conservative settings, so this pack contains 6 different settings for Gunbot.

Settings included in this pack:

– Golden Bands (Original strategy)
– Golden Bands (Aggressive version)
– Golden Bands (Conservative version)
– The Hybrid (Original strategy)
– The Hybrid (Aggressive version)
– The Hybrid (Conservative version)

Note that these strategies were tested during specific market conditions (stated in the instructions) and past performance may not be indicative of future results.

– Gunbot backtesting add-on is a simulation of Gunbot running inside a free or paid TradingView account. Save time and learn Gunbot quickly by visually seeing how Gunbot’s settings and strategies work. This addon has a lot of advantages:

– Optimize your settings for Gunbot through simulated backtesting on TradingView without risking your capital.
– Trade on alerts sent from the same tuned and backtested strategies at TradingView with the TradingView add-on.
– For learning, backtesting, and optimizing Gunbot with the simulated strategies script you will need either a free or paid TradingView account.
– If you wish to trade directly from the included alerts script you will also need the TradingView add-on and a paid TradingView account.

– Crypto Sight: Cryptosight is a Telegram bot made for Gunbot traders to monitor your trading operations. This bot allows you to track your profits easily. It includes a lot of features like:

– Quickly fetch your balance in BTC
– Trading alerts with profit display
– Detailed display of your portfolio
– Detailed overview of your pairs
– Individual or overall profit calculations
– Set custom time range
– Automatic conversions to your chosen fiat currency
– View your trade history through Telegram
– And much more.

Autoconfig feature allows Gunbot to adapt and dynamically change its trading strategy depending on the market conditions in order to get the best performace possible.

Gunbot Diamond pack includes all the available trading strategies. You can trade any volume with unlimited number of pairs. No limit.

Note:  After purchasing Gunbot Diamond, you will get 750 Gunthy tokens for free.

Diamond Pack

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  • One time Payment
  • Lifetime license for Gunbot
  • Trade on 3 exchanges at the same time
  • Telegram and Premium support
  • Gunbot Settings Pack
  • Crypto Sight profit tracker included
  • Backtesting Addon included