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Gunbot v22.0.3 – HFT – alpha

– initial broken commit of Gunbot HFT: do not use this in production


– Entire Gunbot is now migrated to pure websockets

– Only a very few initial api calls are sent with REST calls because exchanges do not send the entire history of an endpoint to websockets: they only send updates.

– So balances, candles, trades and many other endpoints MUST do their first call with REST api

– PositionRisk at binance futures is not sent via websockets (and the few informations they send are not enough for our bot)

– For this reason we need to use positionRisk with REST api call at all the times (i’m throttling it with one api call when it is needed).

– You can decide the speed of your bot: set WS_SLEEP_TIME in milliseconds in bot section of your config and play with it looking at the speed of your bot changing.

– Example i start with WS_SLEEP_TIME: 2000 and the bot is throttled with 2 seconds per pair.

– Being that you can use milliseconds, based on the ping you have to the exchange and your server performances, you can tune that down to 0 milliseconds if you are able to.

– For slower servers: use higher values up to 4/6 seconds (4000/6000)

– All pairs cycles at same time.

– It means if you have 300 pairs configured, each pair will cycle whenever a new websocket event comes in.

– Ignore all errors that you would see on console log for now.

– Strictly use this build with binanceFutures: anything else will not work.


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