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Thanks for sharing your results Peter. Outperform BTC is relative, I mean, if you run USDT-XXX and BTC pumps from 50k to 100k in 1 day, there is no strategy in the world that can outperform that, as it would need to buy BTC using all the USDT before the pump starts and sell it when it reachs to the top.

Same way, if you run USDT-XXX and BTC price drops, you are outperforming BTC even if you didn’t make a single trade… Why to care about something we can control? I mean, if you trade USDT-XXX, the target is to earn USDT, same way that if you trade BTC-XXX, your target is to earn BTC and you shouldn’t care too much about BTC price going up or down.

In my case, according to Binance, I got +13% while BTC trend was +2%. Anyway, I think Binance calculations are wrong. I mean, since I started testing SG Mutation v1, I went from 5160$ to 8400$ and Binance says +33% and  it’s +63%… That’s why I prefer Gunbot reports as it just states the profit you got in your base coin: USDT, BTC or whatever you use as base.

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