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Hi Peter, several important things:

1- We can’t use Binance PNL as reference as it just states the value in dollars of your assets. For example, suppose you have 0.10 BTC and 5000$ and BTC price = 50k. In this example the value of our assets is 10k$. Ok, suppose we don’t make a single trade and BTC price raises to 100k. Now the value of our assets is 15k$, so Binance will show like we did 50% profit in 1 day… Obviously it has no sense. Gunbot would show profit = 0 because we didn’t a single trade.

Gunbot PNL calculation takes into account the profit / loss in our base coin of the trades we have closed. Our target is to increase the base coin. If our base coin is USD, we want to close trades to earn USD, and we shouldn’t care if btc price raised or dropped last day, week or month. Same happens when we use BTC as base, in this case our target is to earn BTC. If we convert 1 BTC into 1,10 BTC, we got +10%, didn’t we? Would in this case make any sense to say we lost just because btc price dropped by 20% that week? Obviously not, and that why I think we should use Gunbot PNL for serious calculations.


The PNL in Gunbot is not working

Please take a look at this post:

You can send me a msg via Telegram and ask me for a beta version that includes the partial fix. It just needs to stop the bot, overwrite old Gunthy-win file with the new one and start the bot again. After doing this, all the profit from previous trades / days will appear.

3- By the way, from 30th March to 26th April, BTC dropped 4,69%, and despite of that drop you still increased the value of your assets 3%+. In my case in that period of time I increased the value of my assets 9,89%. In both cases, we have earned much more profit if we just take into account the trades we closed, which is the correct way to measure earnings in my opinion.

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