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Some other interesting things I would like to mention:

1- I have added STOP_AFTER_NEXT_SALE tag to the override of pair USDT-BTC. That means that once USDT-BTC pair ends this cycle, it won’t start a new one. The number of trades and profits I got with other pairs has been much higher, so I decided to run other pairs.

2- This week we have gone through the Scenario 4 I talked about in this post:

I have seen some people getting super impatient and getting mad because the bot “got stuck”. Got stuck in this case means making trades at a lower pace and keep in the same cycle for more than 1 day.

In the pic above we see USDT-UNI graph. The price drop from highest point to lowest point was around 21%, and as you can see, the bot made a very good job lowering the average bought price DCAing and CTing. The yellow line shows the moment the bot existed the cycle with profit despite the big price drop.

3- BTC price dropped from around 64500 to 47000 aprox. That’s a 27% drop. After the drop the price stabilized for long time and the volatility was very low. That’s why this pair has performed worse than others this week. No volatility no party. Despite of this, the bot managed to lower the average bought price from 64500 to 57200 and at this moment it’s only 4,5% below break even price. So, what I am going to do? :think:   No drama, I will just wait and let the bot to continue doing its job and lowering average bought price and I’m quite sure it will eventually end closing the cycle with profit.

You know what? The most profitable trades are (almost) always made when closing a cycle after a big price drop:

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