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Hi Tek, thanks for sharing your results :clap:

This week has been a bit weird because Binance made 2 maintenances that stopped the trading operations for many hours, and in the middle of it, during 24 hours aprox, their server was so overloaded that a lot of multiple buys and sells happened. I see multiple buys / sells affected you, specially at the beginning of the second pic, it’s like your bot turned into a machine gun hahaha

Regarding PNL: My idea was to post both Binance and Gunbot PNL, but I have reached to the conclusion that Binance PNL is useless. I mean, suppose you are trading USDT-BTC and you have 2000$ and 0.10 BTC. Suppose your trades are 0, you do nothing. Ok, if BTC price raises… you have more USDT as Binance just convert the value of your assets to USD.

What happens if BTC price drops? You have less USDT, so you lose even if you didn’t make a single trade? It has no sense. Also is important to remark that in this case despite the value of your assets is a lower USDT amount, BTC value would increase in this case, so it would be a win for some people.

What I think about this? After analyzing it, I think Gunbot PNL calculation is much better as it just calculates the profit / loses when a trade is closed. If we are trading USDT-XXX our goal is to increase USDT, so when a trade is completed, it calculates the USDT profit / loss. In my opinion, Gunbot PNL calculation is the way to go.

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