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Gunbot v21.7.5 – Stable preview

– Fixes for gui and telegram pnl.

– Implement limit orders for DCA_METHOD “TENKAN”: set MARKET_BUY and/or MARKET_SELL in your strategy or pair override and dca orders with TENKAN method will fire at market, else at limit.

– Reset TENKAN trigger if TENKAN is crossing back candles bodies and we didn’t close yet or the next TENKAN cross might just close at “ROE” without any scalping.

– Disable roe scalper function for EWO, 1scalp, TENKAN/TENKAN, MM_TENKAN: they got their own already.

> The above doesnt mean those strategies will not use roe scalper: it was just a double entry of normal roe trailing/row scalper entering before native method, keep using those strategies as you always did till now.

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