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Gunbot v21.6.4 – Stable preview.

– Add “LEVERAGE” by api for binance futures: set “LEVERAGE”: 125 in your pair override to change it via api.

– Implement TENKAN/TENKAN strategy for futures markets: set BUY_METHOD and SELL_METHOD “TENKAN” in your strategy or pair override and the bot will follow same logic than DCA_TENKAN. LONG entries are given when TENKAN crosses down body candles below the KUMO. SHORT entries are given when TENKAN crosses up candles body above the KUMO. CLOSE positions are triggered when TENKAN crosses body candles AND ROE_SCALPER is done.

– Implemented a dedicated tab for this strategy in our GUI with relevant settings, just create a new strategy with buy/sell methods TENKAN and fill in the values. Only values you see in the gui/tenkan are active for this strategy. ROE, ROE_LIMIT and DCA_PERC as in EWO. If you want you can also use ROE_SPREAD.

– Fx for pnl gui calculation for spot and futures: tested on binance, ftx spot, ftx futures, binance futures. Suggested to stop the bot, delete json files and restart the bot with the new functions. Telegram bot should show the same values you see in GUI. Spot PNL formula is identical to FTX pnl formula, i’m open to any suggestion. Feedbacks needed.

– Fix MOC not being respected in coin-m short dca.

– Change from filled_size to trade_size at beaxy trading history to avoid a cumulative amount.

– Fix tenkan dca not respecting MOC.

– Fixes BUSD-BTC pair for bf.

– Fix 1scalp strategy going above MOC and then firing reductions: we stop before MOC exceed.

– Set gui default value for binance futures safety timer to 30 (minutes).

– SGA: fix case that could prevent the first ct sell to not fire.

– spotGridAdvanced: small refactor of conditions to start.


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