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Gunbot v21.6.0 – Mandatory update for all binance futures USDT-m users

– The NEW_QUARTER contracts broken Please stop your bots if you are trading USDT-M pairs at bf and update to this build.

– v21.5.9 safety check for bf USDT-M trading history isnt enough: implement SAFETY_TIMER.

Instructions: the bot is smart and it can understand if bf api is returning correct trading history, if not: a safety timer triggers at every order and waits until it expires or until bf api returns correct trading history.

– To set the safety timer add this to your strategy or pair override: “SAFETY_TIMER”: 300.

– It is in seconds, i suggest you to set at least 25 minutes.

– To totally disable this feature, ignore that setting (do not add it to your strategy) or set it “SAFETY_TIMER”: 0.

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