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Gunbot v21.4.8 Stable preview

– you can enable futuresGrid in your strategy or pair override for futures markets

– you can enable futuresGrid as BUY_METHOD and SELL_METHOD if you are not a Market Maker

– Makes DCA_METHOD: “TENKAN” available for all futures/margin legacy strategies (gain, BB, BBTA, SMACROSS etc)

– Makes DCA_METHOD: “TENKAN” available for the futures strategy variants MOTO, 1SCALPER, FIB, SUPRES, PULLBACK

– DCA_METHOD: “TENKAN” is not applicable to GRID futures strategy

– DCA_METHOD: “TENKAN” is the same identical DCA logic of EWO strategy

– If you miss or don’t want to use TENKAN as your DCA method, set DCA_METHOD: “NATIVE”

This setting is in strategy variants for MM users and in margin tab of not MM users

– fix GUI trading history row number resetting to 5 rows after a few seconds

– general revision of all spot strategies and their variants in order to test locally that everything is working as expected. KNOWN ISSUES: indicators are a centralized library that runs over historical data collected over years of trading. Some value of some indicators might get different value compared to your Gunbot PERIOD selection and CANDLES_LENGHT settings. Other indicators (for example ADX or STOCH_RSI) are using a different legacy formula: those values will never match with For references about the indicators formula Gunbot uses, you can read here:

– Implement: “spotGridAdvanced”

– Fix EMA labels in Easy Edit

– Fix headline text for sell settings in Easy Edit

– Add check for missing TRADING_FEES in config healing module

– Improve handling of syncing changes in config.js to GUI. Changing in config.js are now pushed to GUI asap, unless the GUI has unsaved settings changes. If settings changes stay unsaved in GUI for over 15m, changes from config.js file are pushed to GUI.

– Consider keep quote for showing/hiding trailme buy chart line

– Improve tooltip text for setITB

– Remove a few symbol renaming rules for Poloniex as they seem no longer needed (involving BCH / BSV)

– Add spotGridAdvanced to GUI strategy editor

– add EWT and OCEAN at Kraken

– spotGrid and spotGridAdvanced are available for all spot users

– futuresGrid is available for all futures users: use futuresGrid true/false in your strategy if you are MM user or use it as buy/sell method if you are not an MM user

DCA_METHOD: NATIVE or TENKAN are available for all futures/margin strats and for the following MM strats:



TENKAN method will NOT work on the following:

-pure MM (futures and spot), GRID



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