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I disabled BNB when it reached to 375 (ATH) and seeing it reached to 415 (new ATH) and dropped again to 360, I decided to enable it again, and it came back to 420 (new ATH). Now I disabled it again.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of keep making changes on the bot, it’s just I don’t like to buy something that is in his ATH, specially considering the crazy altcoin season we are living as in my opinion some alts are extremely overvalued and that scares me a bit. I’m not saying I don’t like BNB, I do, but in my opinion many people lose the perspective and think the alts will continue raising at this pace always and forever… and on 1st February BNB price was 45$. It was close to 10x in 2 months!!!

At this moment I’m only running USDT-BTC and USDT-UNI

UNI is being very volatile and the bot it’s taking advantage of that and making a lot of juicy trades. As you all know, 2 days ago there was a big drop and UNI was affected too.

Despite the big drop, the bot is doing good and CT is doing its job. At this moment break even point is quite close, -0,61%, while BTC break even point is -1,81%. Hopefully both of them will be released soon.

Two days ago Binance PNL had a red day. It’s normal as it only takes into account the USDT value of your assets. While today the bot managed to recover with profits:

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