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Thanks for sharing your results P.Warmerdam

I recommend you to create your own thread, so we don’t mix results of different persons / variants.

You could put the title: “Warmerdam SG Mutation C1 Results” for example, and it would be something like this:

For me an intresting thing about strategies is the fact if they can manage a dip of 15% or 25 % . Therefore i am calculating with about > 10 times a DCA.

Recently (from March 21 to March 26) BTC had a big drop, like 12%, and ETH dropped like 14% too. If I remember good, the highest DCA I saw is 6 or 7.  I have just noticed that BNB dropped from 275 to 225, that’s like 18% drop, and the bot handled it with 6 DCA. You can check it in the last pic of this post:

Also note that:

1- Continuous Trading (CT) helps to reach to deeper DCAs as it has 2 effects:

a) It sells with partial profit when the price is below break even point. This way we can get some some extra base coins.

b) Sometimes after a CT sell, the price keeps dropping and we move to next DCA. Example, we reach to DCA 3 and we buy 100, then CT sells 50 with profit and then we buy 100 in DCA 4. In this case We have spent only 50 in DCA 3 instead of 100, so we are leaving more funds for deeper DCAs.

You can get more info about CT behavior in this thread:

2- Each DCA level triggers at a different point. For example, imagine DCA 1 triggers when price falls 0.25% below last buying point, DCA 2 triggers 0.35% below DCA 1, DCA 3 triggers 0.5% below DCA 2… This is just an example with fake numbers but I guess you got the concept. If DCA 5 triggers when price dropped 10%, it doesn’t mean DCA 10 will trigger when price dropped  20% as the distance between each DCA increases compared to the previous DCA. numbers are not real

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