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Gunbot v21.3.6 Release Candidate

– Fixes an issue that would show duplicate orders at trading history.

– Fix an issue that would calculate wrong ABP in case of partial sells.

– Experimental spotGrid to futures: set “futuresGrid”: true in your strategy or pair override and use this list of settings (adapt values to your needs):

“PERIOD”: “15”,
“AUTO_GAIN”: true,
“futuresGrid”: true

– “MAX_OPEN_CONTRACTS”: 1 (expressed in quote balance)

accepts the above MOC ^^

– make EWO swinging on sideways a bit more reactive.

Export config file (without api keys and sensitive data): Go to gui > settings > Export Settings and download a copy of your config.js file without api keys and other sensitive data.

– Autoconfig: performance improvement for using javascript in generic filter types.

– Pair names in main dashboard table now link to chart.

– Fix “unable to set “time” of undefined” error.

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