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Gunbot v21.3.5 Release Candidate

– Implement MOC for 1scalper.

– Implement MARKET_BUY and MARKET_SELL for 1scalper, moto, grid, fib, supres.

– Implement proprietary TV indicator strategy: Elliot Waves Oscillator.

Elliot Waves Oscillator is a multi-purpose indicator that is able to signal the following:

– Entry points when crossing zero

– Swing trading when reversion happen

Created a strat that takes advantage of Elliot Waves Oscillator signals and joined it with one of my favourite closing strategies: TENKAN (Conversion line) from Ichimoku


– Set EWO true in futures MM strategy variants.

(in config.js you can manually set “EWO”: true in your strategy or pair override)

It will go LONG when EWO crosses up zero.

It will go SHORT when EWO crosses down zero.

If entry points were triggered by EWO crossing (as above): it will wait for TENKAN like to go above candles body (if LONG) or below candles body (if SHORT) and then will start the ROE scalper in the attempt to catch the max possible profit.

After an initial pump or dump that your bot closed at profit with TENKAN/ROE_SCALPER it is likely to happen a sideway swinging for some time in order for price to retrace/adjust.

During that time EWO will be useful again: the bot tries to catch the swinging by observing EWO and use these top/bottom to enter the trades.

LONG on bottom and then close at simple ROE_SCALPER (because during sideways movements TENKAN is not reliable) or SHORT on top and then close again at simple ROE_SCALPER.

If another breakout happens, EWO would help us again: it would lead toward the zero and we would start again the initial entry points with TENKAN+ROE_SCALPER.

DCA functions:

– It accepts DCA_SPREAD

The logic behind this kind of DCA is similar to TENKAN close:

If the price reverses against our entry point we wait for TENKAN going below candles body (if LONG) and then we DCA (assuming DCA_SPREAD is met).

In case of SHORTs if the price goes up against our entry point, we wait for TENKAN to go above candles body and then we DCA (assuming DCA_SPREAD is met).


1- This strat is able to catch breakouts and enter trades on them.

2.- After the pump/dump we expect sideways: we scalp on those swinging until the next breakout.

3.- We use the power of TENKAN to start ROE scalper or catch the lowest DCA point we can.

– Implement beaxy on error and on close websockets events in the attempt to reconnect if we got disconnected and we are not receiving trading history anymore

– Update tv charting library to v18

Other updates:

– Several fixes for mobile portrait views.

– Add ftx pair list to gui. Get rid of error when trying to fetch huobi pairs. Several small fixes for pair selection for other exchanges.

– Add some extra error handling for writing config.js and autoconfig.json after changes in gui.

– Add autoconfig.json to config backup function. A copy is saved in the /backups folder each time a config change is saved in the gui.

– Fix some tooltip errors.


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