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I have set “Stop after next sale” to true for USDT-ETH as it’s quite close to its all-time high and from December to February made almost 4x. This parameter will make the bot to stop buying ETH after next sale. Maybe it can keep going up, but I don’t think the risk / reward is worth it for me at this moment. I will keep an eye on it and will add ETH back when I feel it’s a better time.

Of course this is not an advise for anyone, I’m not an expert trader and I’m not here to tell anyone what to do with his money. I just want to report my results and my moves with the highest detail possible.

As explained in the rules, we are looking for neutral results, without human intervention, but these kind of things (stopping a pair that made 3x in 2 days, or a pair that is very close to its all-time high after a recent huge raise) should be considered, in my opinion, basic maintenance.

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