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Thank you for your post Mickhowlett :thumbup:

I cant get Binance P&L to give me a reading, it says no data

Binance PNL is shown with delay. For example, Monday PNL starts to appear at 4:00 AM (CET time) Tuesday aprox.

Gunbot P&L, also no data

The version we are running right now, v21.6.2 has an issue with PNL reports. I’m going to update today to v21.7.7 because I have good feedbacks about it and it has PNL fixed, and once I confirm it, I will let you all know in the case you want to update to v21.7.7.

Here are a few screen shots of the trades, unsure if the pics will work as I am not sure how to attach them.

I have just created this quick tutorial on how to attach pics to a post:

Two more things:

1- Please don’t post especific settings of the variants, as this is a public forum and it’s a very good tool to share our results and keep a record, but the idea is to keep our discussion about especific settings and improvements in our private group.

2- If you want to report your results, it would be nice to create an especific post for it, like I did with this one:

In your case it would be something like “Mickhowlett SG Mutation D2 results”

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