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Ok, phase 2 has started. The informative channel is ready. If you are a member of the group and you are still not added to the group, please contact me: @AitorRuiz or Javier: @JavierAlv via Telegram. You will find there important information about the project and some details that may help you to choose the variant you want to test / run in the case you haven’t picked one of the “last generation” variants yet.

On another note, we have made some changes to Trading Limit Calculator. Now it’s much easier to use. And apart from stating the Trading Limit (the green column) you need to use to be able to reach to any DCA number considering the Funds you have, it also states the Required Funds you need to be able to DCAing any number of times. In order to get the Required Funds, we just need to fill in red fields: Your starting Trading Limit, the Trading Limit Multiplier your variant uses, and the Number of Pairs you want to run.

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