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Ok guys,  we have new versions ready. At this moment we have 3 versions with 2 variants each one ready to rock & roll.

Mutation B, aka “The Shield”. The most conservative one. It’s not specially conservative, it’s just more conservative than the other ones. We have Mutation B1 and Mutation B2.

Mutation C, aka “Frank T”. Same as others it has 2 variants: Mutation C1 and Mutation C2.

Mutation D, aka “Assassins Grid”.  This is the most aggressive one but I still like it a lot. It’s meant to get rid of the bags fast and to use a lower DCA number than others.  It has 2 variants: Mutation D1 and Mutation D2.

On the other hand, we have created a Trading Limit Calculator so you just need to fill the red fields, that is, put the Trading Limit Multiplier (TL Multiplier field) of your strategy, put the total amount you are going to use in “Your funds” field and set the number of pairs you what to run. Now you will see in the right column, the green one, the Trading Limit you can use for being able to DCAing X times.

* Fund Req: Funds required for each pair to complete DCA X supposing your Trading Limit (TL) = 100

* TL Calculation: Your total funds / TL Calculation number = Your Trading Limit (TL) for running 1 pair

* Your TL: States the Trading Limit you have to use depending on DCA number after set “Your funds” and “Pairs”

– Example: You have 5000 USDT and you want to run “Mutation D” with DCA 10 and 1 pair. Your TL = 5000 / 56,46

– Example 2: You have 6000 USDT and your want to run “Mutation D” with DCA 8 and 5 pairs. Your TL = 6000 / 32,05 / 5

IMPORTANT: Those who are in the group can contact @JavierAlv via Telegram to get access to the new informative channel to get the most important news and to get access to TL calculator and to the new versions.

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