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Let’s take a look at some results I got during testing, First of all let’s see some trades (right column is the profit in USDT).

Some trades made by Sport Grid DCA Mutation strategy running Gunbot

As you can see, in my case the average profit per trade is around 2 and 4 USDT, and for time to time I got a big trade of 12 or 34 USDT.

Let’s see daily profit from 1st March to 13th March  in Gunbot dashboard:

And now let’s take a look to daily PNL and daily profits for the period 15th February 2021 to 12th March 2021 on Binance:

As you can see, Gunbot dashboard and Binance show different numbers. The reason is that Gunbot doesn’t count the profit / loss until the trade is closed while Binance takes into account the value of your current assets regardless you close your trades or not. This is why the numbers (lose or profit) are usually higher in Binance, but at the end, the final results should be the same.

Before ending this post I would like to ask something a guy told me today “But this strategy won’t work during a bear market, will it?”. And my answer is: Can you define “Bull market”? Please tell me which graph is Bull Market and which one is Bear Market:

Obviously the graph below belongs to a bull market. It’s so obvious… or not? It’s the exact same graph!!! It’s just a mirror!!! One chart is USDT-BTC and the other one is BTC-USDT. We are trading now USDT-BTC because BTC price is raising and we accumulate USDT. And what happens during BTC bear market? BTC bear market means USD Bull market… remember the mirror? So why not trade BTC-USDT and accumulate BTC during “USD Bull Market”? Ohh wait… BTC-USDT pair doesn’t exist… but we have BTC-SUSD. What is SUSD? It’s a new stablecoin based on USD value. Some time ago we had BTC-TUSD and Binance removed it, but now we have BTC-SUSD, so who cares?. It’s important to note that BTC-SUSD pair has very low volume at this moment, and that means high volatility and high risk.  Anyway, once the next Bear market starts, I’m sure this pair will get a lot more volume as it’s really a very interesting pair to trade with.

UPDATE 16-1-2022 : BTC-SUSD pair has been removed too. Now we can trade with BTC-UST instead.

On another note, I would like to mention that not everyone is trading with USDT as base coin. Some people prefer to trade BTC vs Altcoins. I just gave my personal opinion but it’s just that, an opinion, other people prefer to trade with other pairs, so it be :thumbup:

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