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Problem #1 Gunbot is making multiple buys on a single fast over slow crossover. 30 minute period, SMA fast is 3, slow is 7. EMA settings are factory. Candle settings are factory. The Gunbot panel only shows one crossing. But in one instance it bought 3 times. About 10 minutes apart. With another coin, it bought twice on one crossover 9 seconds apart. The gunbot panel not showing a new fast over slow crossing for every buy. Is the resolution high enough to show all crossings? As in minuscule crossings? Or is this something else?


In this case, the buy is executed every time there is a SMA cross. This strategy executes multiple buys, not only one like other strategies.

If you don’t want the bot to make several quick buys, you can use a higher delay as using low delays, the bot checks constantly for cross and can lead to multiple quick buys.

I know many people want to run the lower delay posible, but I can tell you that in our tests, we are getting better results running high delays (60+) as the bot is more stable (with low delays the bot is too reactive).

Other option is to increase “Trades Timeout” parameter, placed in “Misc” tab. This will make the bot to wait X seconds for making a new trade. So if you set it to 900, it will wait at least 15 minutes to make a new buy after a buy has been made. Note that this parameter affects to both buys and sells.


Problem #2 So, trading with SMAcross/Gain, on sells, Gunbot is not selling my entire position. Every sell, Gunbot leaves me with a miniscule amount in my wallet. Leaves me with amounts small to sell. And it is the same % each time. Roughly 0.2506% Bittrex My trading limit is 0.001. I am testing settings. Min vol to buy/sell are both set to 0.0005. Just changed that to 0.0008 but did not help. Doublecheck gain is checked Gain set to .75 Trailme sell .19 RSI buy 50 All else is factory settings.


Check the value of “Keep_quote” parameter. For example, is you set this parameter to 2 for BTC-LTC, the bot will always hold 2 LTC and it won’t sell those 2 LTC. Maybe you have a small value that is causing this behavior.

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