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Gunbot v24.5.1_beta

With this build we would like to show you a dashboard refactor. Look at it as an initial template: we want to fill those pages with more useful and more complex statistics.

New strategy: stepgridscalp

This strategy is a next iteration of stepgridhybrid and its trend module, trying to find a balance between scalping (quick, small trades with high probabilities of winning) and grid trading (DCA in more or less predictable steps).

To configure this strategy, use the trading settings page in the GUI. Each setting is described there.
Full docs come out when this strategy appears on a next stable release.

Similarities to stepgridhybrid:
• it trades grid style
• it can skip steps up and down
• it has black box aspects that control aspects like skipping steps and modifying trailing ranges
• it does partial sell orders below break even

Key changes:
• truly multi timeframe: user configurable low, medium und high timeframes for monitoring aspects like trend changes, momentum strength and more. For example you could trade on 5m charts, while also monitoring 15m and 4h.
• different trading styles that are automatically used when opportune:
— normal grid trading
— cautious ‘scalping’ in upper ranges: aiming to exit the zone with no or a very small sized bag, using a smaller amount per buy order, strict buydowns for DCA and very cautious sell trailing
— trade supports: when the market looks very bad, grid buy trading stops and the strategy moves into a mode where it trades higher timeframe supports with limit orders
• different sell trailing styles that are automatically used when opportune:
— regular trailing, with dynamic trailing ranges.
— candle low traiing, to trail bigger moves upwards.
— micro stop loss style, to quickly start sell trailing after riskier buy orders, accepting a tiny loss as outcome.
• better at selling more volume at higher prices, due to ‘partial sell ratio cap’.
• much quicker detection of trend direction changes.
• is a lot more cautious about when it opens new trades.
• tl;dr: it’s better at buying low and selling high.

• Cancel orders must be disabled in the global bot settings (you can do that on the setup page).
• With default options, it can take a while before it starts trading at all in case it’s started with no position.
• Yes, it is possible to change from stepgrid or stepgridhybrid to this new strategy. As long as the relevant order history is available, it will work.

In active development:
The current status should be fully usable, but there are more planned features.
Until the strategy is really complete, feature requests will likely be ignored.


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