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Gunbot v24.4.9_beta

– okx/okgunbot candles limit up to 300 entries

– Pnl page: add option to select multiple pairs and view their combined stats.

– Fix tooltip text for ‘entry/price to liq distance’.

– Setup page: inform user of time sync problem when adding a new exchange fails and offset is more than 0.1 seconds.

– Possibly fix unit cost target not showing on chart, for sghybrid without … dynamic exit logic enabled.

Improve tooltips for forever bags. Correctly show ‘n/a’ for buy count on dashboard active pairs table, when forever bags is enabled.

Fix problem with entering values starting with 0, in strategy editor for ‘IGNORE_TRADES_BEFORE’, ‘NBA’, ‘TRADES_TIMEOUT’, ‘KEEP_QUOTE’.

– Fix problem that didn’t allow saving testnet api keys on setup page.

– Trading settings: fix dca settings for futures builder strat.

– Improve tooltip for sghybrid GAIN.


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