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Gunbot v24.4.4_beta

– Stepgridhybrid: add settings to control minimum gain on partial and full sell orders. GAIN: 1 would make sure that no full sell happens before price is at least 1% (+fees) above the current break even or unit cost target. GAIN_PARTIAL: 0.5 makes sure that partial sell volume only considers buy orders bought at least 0.5% (+fees) below the current price.

– Stepgridhybrid: add new settings to set upper limit to partial sell quantity. Enable cap using: “PARTIAL_SELL_CAP”: true/false, set cap with: “PARTIAL_SELL_CAP_RATIO”: ratio of tl. Setting 1 as cap value means that a partial sell order may not exceed 1x TRADING_LIMIT in value.

– sghedge: fix mark text and notification text when a dca order gets blocked by buy/sell enabled, while use trend is on.

– Trading terminal: fix displayed symbol for market buy/sell orders on bybit.

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