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Gunbot v24.3.4_beta

– fix a typeerror in gb simulator.

– fix an issue on PNL.

– possible fix for OKX partial orders.

– Use pretty exchange names where possible.

– Fix gui crash after trying to place a trade from right click dialog.

– Add ‘Keep 1x TL’ option to trading settings editor for futuresgrid.

– Update USE_TREND tooltip.

– Add options to set chart trade arrow colors, on setup page / global settings.

– Add new strategy settings to gui.

– Add daily option to total base assets chart on pnl page.

– futuresgrid: add new option to keep 1x tl position open, instead of closing full position and reopening shortly after.

– stepgridhedge: clone chart target lines to short pair.

– stepgridhedge: make it possible to override buy/sell enabled when using ‘USE_TREND’.

– stepgridhedge, add new settings: ‘Minimum step up pct’, ‘Minimum step down pct’, ‘Minimum step asymmetric’, ‘Instant open threshold (long)’, ‘Instant open threshold (short)’.


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