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Gunbot v24.2.9_beta

– Fix issue in gui api key validation that could let invalid keys get verified.

– Make GUI add webhooks section to config in case it is missing. Add date, pair and exchange name to gui notifications.

– Add more descriptive error messages when wrong gunthy wallet is entered on /setup.

– Fix several cases where missing config elements could lead to the gui receiving no updated data.

– Setup page: fix problem that prevented entering exchange delay >60s.

– PNL page: make ‘All’ the default selection.

– Update unit cost tooltip.

– Improve gui notifications formatting & persistency.

– stepgridhybrid: add separate sell trailing settings, so different ranges can be used for buy and sell trailing. Configurable in ‘Customize trailing’ category in trading settings.

– Setup page: remove kraken futures market selection option.

– Add timescale marks to charts, showing relevant strategy info and order details.

– Improve gui notification styling on mobile devices.


– Trading settings: add support for adding/removing/updating user defined settings for use with AutoConfig or custom strats.

– Change position of ‘add custom’ button.

– Trading settings: add search option for individual strategy settings.

– Trading settings: improve layout of selecting strategy/buy-/sell method on mobile.

– Trading settings: small styling changes.

– Several styling improvements.

– stepgridhybrid: show custom trading range mode targets on chart.

– Custom strats: add setTimeScaleMark method.

– Disable persistency for grid strat gui notifications, because the same info is now historically available on the chart.

– Improve mark texts.

Custom strats: new method to save chart timescale marks.

Usage example:
gb.method.setTimeScaleMark(,, ‘Info message to show as a timescale mark on the chart.’)

If multiple messages get stored for the same candle, they will be shown together in one mark. Timestamp is set automatically, no need to include it in the message text.


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