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Gunbot v24.2.5_beta

– Enable TV_GB for web hooks, set it true and gunbot would spin any pair/strategy in config.js AND will listen for alerts

– Fix okex5 market buy orders.

– Fix okex5/okgunbot telegram notifications charts link.

custom strategies: custom chart lines

usage: place chart targets in pair ledger as an array of objects.

number of lines and/or line properties can be changed at any time.

example: = [
text: ‘some custom target line’, // each line needs a unique text
price: 91,
quantity: ‘999’, // setting an empty string ” omits the quantity field
lineStyle: 2, // 0: solid, 1: dotted, 2: dashed
lineLength: 5, // 0 (right) – 100 (left)
extendLeft: false,
bodyBackgroundColor: ‘rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)’, // can also be set as hex string
bodyTextColor: ‘rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7)’,
bodyBorderColor: ‘rgba(34, 116, 165, 1)’,
quantityBackgroundColor: ‘rgba(34, 116, 165, 1)’,
lineColor: ‘rgba(34, 116, 165, 1)’,



line text cannot be any of the following reserved names:

“Resistance 1”,
“Resistance 2”,
“Support 1”,
“Support 2”,
“Buy at”,
“Pingpong buy”,
“Sell at”,
“Sell target”,
“Pingpong sell”,
“Break even”,
“Unit cost”,
“Entry Price”,
“Break even (short)”,
“Entry Price (short)”,
“RT BUY at”,
“RT BUY UP at”,
“RT SELL at”,
“RT SELL at “,
“RT SELL UP trailing stop”,
“Buy trailing stop (tssl)”,
“RT Buy trailing stop”,
“Sell trailing stop (tssl)”,
“Buy trailing stop ™”,
“Sell trailing stop ™”,
“DCA trailing stop”,
“ROE trailing stop”,
“ROE scalper stop”,
“Stop limit”,
“DCA buydown”,
“Grid DCA target”,
“Grid sell target”,
“CLOSE at (fg)”,
“Grid sell trailing”,
“Grid sell trailing (fg)”,
“Grid buy trailing”,
“Grid buy trailing (fg)”,
“New position trailing”,
“New position trailing (fg)”,
“Buy target (c)”,
“DCA target (c)”,
“Sell target (c)”,
“Close target (c)”,
“Trailing target (c)”,
“Stop target (c)”


custom strategies: send gui notifications

usage: place one or more notifications in an array of objects in pair ledger.
once shown, the gui clears out the displayed notifications in pair ledger.

example: = [
text: ‘custom success notification’,
variant: ‘success’, // green
persist: true // notifications stays visible until dismissed
text: ‘custom error notification’,
variant: ‘error’, // red
// persist can be omitted
text: ‘custom info notification’,
variant: ‘info’, // blue
persist: false
text: multi line notification \n\nallow for more information spread over \nmultiple lines of text,
variant: ‘error’,
persist: true,








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