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Gunbot v24.1.7 Release Candidate

-Fix sghedge for coin-m at okgunbot.

– Possible fix for stepgridhybrid at okgunbot/okx.

– Stepgridhybrid: add new ‘trend orders’ setting, can be used to disable trend based orders from ‘trend basic’ and ‘trend plus’,.

– Stepgridhybrid: add new ‘Trading range DCA stop’ option, for manual trading range mode. Below this price, no dca orders are allowed.

– Futuresgrid: new setting: “First order delay” (in seconds) sets an additional delay after initially opening a position, to deal with cases where exchanges update balances slowly.

– Fix bybit hedge trading history. If you are running bybit with 24.1.5 or above it is highly recommended to upgrade to this build.

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