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Gunbot v24.1.6 Release Candidate

– Possible fix for huobi, bybit, okgunbot traders arrows and volume mixup in the charts.


(if you are trading in one of the above exchanges it is highly recommended to update to this build, else your trading history is broken)

– Fix bittrex pais list in trading settings.

– Fix case where gui set spot market type for bybit.

– Fix available strategy list for okx / okgunbot swap/futures.


Overview sidebar: increase decimal precision for Unrealized PnL for okgubot/okex coin-m markets

– Update max unhedged tooltip.

– Fix tooltip for testnet api keys.

– Trading settings: fix strategy hint for bbta.

– sghybrid: add additional entry fractals to TA_MODE.

– Add sgh trend module as method for custom strategies. Requires pair to atively cycle in Gunbot. Usage: await gb.method.getTrend(‘USDT-BTC’, ‘okgunbot’)


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