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Gunbot v23.5.1_beta

– Custom strategies: await async user code before writing data to custom strat store.

– AutoConfig: fix problem with missing 24h volatility data on several exchange.

– stepgridhybrid: fix seldom condition that could prevent placing an initial reference price for steps up an down.

– stepgridhybrid: improve partial sell volume calculation, by better inspecting how much of the order history is relevant for the current trade.

– AutoConfig: fix several filter types that were broken for manageOverrides2 job type.

– Trend module: fetch 1h and 4h candles only once per interval, update data for open candle with available 15m candle data.

– Fix crash in gui license check on first run, improve saving open status of market and overview sidebar.

– Disable fetching pairs on old /pairs page, so it can always be used as fallback in case exchange api changes too much. Several small improvements to handling exchange credentials input.

– Use full display width for new gui views.

– Improve styling of exchange selection on setup page.

– Several improvements to setup page.

– Add dismiss option to gui trade notifications.

– small improvements to trading settings: add active pair count to table header, use a bit more width on highres displays.

– make dismissable alert to actually dismiss until announcement channel is new and unread.

– Fix unwanted redirect to /bitrage.

– Add /chart to navbar. Get rid of close icon button on other views.

– Add Huobi to Gunbot One exchanges.

– Ensure navigation dropdown closes on mobile devices, after opening it and clicking a link not in the dropdown.

– Fix several code suggestions for autoconfig job templates in code editor.

– Fix several issues with entering and validating exchange credentials on setup page.



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