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Gunbot v23.5.0_beta

Trading settings: rename kraken doge symbol to xdg when requesting tradingview chart widget

– Trading settings: connect the following exchanges to ticker-style pair picker: binanceFutures, futures_gunthy, okex futures & swap, ftx futures

– Trading settings: add option to copy settings from other pair

– Trading settings: fix issue that didn’t render customized settings chips until a strategy setting got changed in the same browser session.

– Dashboard: connect stepgridhybrid howmanytl to du count stat in overview table

– Trading settings; add option to copy an individual strategy setting/value to other pair(s)

– Trading settings: add option to copy pair settings to all other pairs with same market type, without selecting all pairs individually

– Trading settings: improve matrix with available period settings per exchange

– Fix broken redirect to /setup after setting password on /register

– Fix problem on setup page that kept apply button inactive after using a toggle button.

– Improve saving api credentials on /setup. If key is different from master key it no longer gets changed in config.js.

– Trading settings: fix problem that loaded mm spot editor instead of mm futures.

– Trading settings: Add missing count sell setting for tssl and stepgain spot strategies

– Improve conditions for stepgridhybrid TA mode

– AutoConfig: take off kraken symbol renaming from DOGE to XDG

Beware: DOGE at kraken is now to be used as DOGE and not as XDG (in both config and autoconfig)

– fix GUI defaulting to bitRage page for bitRage accounts, even if they were not using bitRage.

– Trading settings: fix missing/broken settings options for futuresgrid.


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