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New update:

These are the results I got in the last 159 days, since I started running SG Mutation C6 v4

During most of the time, my starting Trading_Limit was 100, and considering how my funds increased, I decided to increase it to 120 some weeks ago. During this period, the bot made more than 1100 trades.

As you can see the pair USDT-UNI performed much better (more than 3x profit) than the pair USDT-ETH

The pic above shows the daily profit.

This will be my last report for the variant C6 v4. Does it mean I will stop using it? No, I won’t stop using it. I really like this strategy. I think that posting results during 9 months is enough. For me it has proven to be a very solid strategy. From 1st March 2021 to 27th December 2021, BTC price increased by 12%, while my profit using this strategy during these 9 months has been hugely superior, as it gets profits even if the price is going up and down in a range.

As I said, I will continue using this strategy and, for sure, I will create a new post reporting newer versions of the bot and it would also be nice if you could continue posting your results about other SG Mutation variants. Apart from that, I will try other strategies and if I feel they are good, I will improve them and I will post the results of the improved strategies too.

With all the data I got during these tests, I would like to post some thoughs, ideas and conclusions with all of you. I will soon. This is all for now.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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