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Great results so far Aitor. How long does it take to close the average trade? Appreciate this would probably need a custom script but would be interesting to see if high profits can be secured by having two gain levels for partial sells, i.e. sell 70% of bag at 2% TP and sell remaining 30% bag at 4% TP. The thought behind this is that in a lot of cases the price carries on climbing up after GB closes a cycle, so I wonder if two TP levels can capitalize on this?

It could be used as a new variant. Other variants are focused on fast sells at lower %. They focus on close cycles as fast as possible as fast cycling = higher profits. I think that to force % up to 4% could slow down cycles a lot but it could be tried.

New update: Things are going very good, fast cycling. This strategy works very good when the price goes up and down in a range as we can see here:

Stats of 105 days:

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