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Gunbot v23.1.4_beta

– Upgrade bittrex api to v3

– Port some kucoin and okex api call fixes from bitRage

– Add kraken pairs PHA OXY RAY.

– Possible fix to GUI crashing with newest browsers.

– stepGridHedge: add more controls for allowing certain orders types:

BUY_ENABLED: controls long orders
SELL_ENABLED: controls short orders
CLOSE_LONG_ENABLED: controls long close orders
CLOSE_SHORT_ENABLED: controls short close orders.

– stepGridHedge: add TRADING_LIMIT_SHORT option (just like TRADING_LIMIT, but only for the short side). Is an optional setting, when omitted TRADING_LIMIT is used for both side

– stepGridHedge: Add customizable settings to increase order amounts of the first x trades. If you 2 as multiplier value, it means that eligible orders get fired for tl * 2. In FIRST_TRADES_MULTIPLIER auto mode the behavior is that first trades size grows with the position size of the then losing side. Auto mode generates multiplier values between 1.5 and 5. The FIRST_TRADES_THRESHOLD option lets you set a position size threshold under which tl FIRST_TRADES_MULTIPLIER applies. In auto mode it will usually allow 2 to 3 trades with FIRST_TRADES_MULTIPLIER, and continues with 1x tl trades after that. When you set 10 as value, FIRST_TRADES_MULTIPLIER applies until the current position is 10 or more “howManyTL” (see console logs when unsure about this value). parameters: “FIRST_TRADES_MULTIPLIER”: “auto” or numeric value “FIRST_TRADES_THRESHOLD”: “auto” or numeric value.

– stepGridHedge: tuning conditions for first trades multiplier a bit.

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