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Gunbot v23.0.8 beta

– Possible fix for beaxy trading history.

– Fix kraken pairs.

– Gui overview sidebar: fix break even price appearing as truncated numbers in scientific notation.

– Fix (new) order notification contents

– AutoConfig: add option to load custom data from a JSON file, contents can be accessed with this.pair.userData in filters, and other places where custom code is possible. Custom data must be in a file called acUserData.json in the gunbot root folder. This can be useful if you have an external application providing market data you would like to use in AutoConfig. If you can make the data available as a JSON file, you can use it

– stepGrid: fix a case where it tried to sell more units then it has

– Fix sorting problem in markets sidebar, for ftx perpetuals.

– Refactor GUI notifications using new framework.

– Add GUI notification that alerts when a fallback config is in use. And some small fixes in data collection for GUI.

– Attempt to fix gunbot crashing because corrupted config files and/or null values by using a fallback config and notifying the user.


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